Nightlife in the City

Vegas Nightlife in the Nation’s Capital

If someone mentions Washington DC, your mind probably doesn’t jump to upscale nightclubs and elite clientele. Of course the city has deep history and is the heart of politics, this is the capitol we’re talking about, and yet there’s a host of vibrant, Vegas style nightclubs DC has to offer that nobody is telling you about. One of the best nightclubs in DC is the Huxley.

Until now, that is!
The New Vegas Lounge must be mentioned first, and for obvious reasons. Just off of Logan Circle, this beautiful club is celebrating thirty-five years of blues music and Vegas atmosphere. The major emphasis is on the music, and what kind of proper blues place would it be without professional jam sessions on Thursdays? This guarantees terrific performances for those who need to get their weekend started a day early.

Not far behind is the Love Nightclub, an enticing space of polished wood and amber lighting. The ambience is subdued but in a very good way as the complementing color give the place a very classy atmosphere. A premiere bottle service sees that your party need not go thirsty while waiting on drink orders (a clear advantage if there ever was one). Four floors, VIP rooms, and a Penthouse Suite provide high end surroundings for every mood. The DJs, and their dazzling light shows, rule over the crowd in soaring rooms with ceilings over thirty feet high. Few night clubs can claim such luxurious, first-rate accommodations for their esteemed guests. The Love Nightclub also caters to private functions but be sure to book the place way ahead of your event as a lot people want their special occasion celebrated in this classy place.

The Huxley is also another one of those exceptional few. From the Library, an esteemed bar space where the walls are covered with books, to the ballroom itself, a decadent room featuring several chandeliers and rich, red decor that is nothing short of exquisite. You can host an upscale bachelorette party or an exclusive brunch in equal measure here. Their strict dress code and renowned bottle service merely garnish the impressive sights and infectious music. The concept of Vegas style nightclubs is defined by The Huxley.

But there’s so much more. Simply head on to Google and search for the trendiest spots in Washington DC or better yet, get yourself and your group a native guide who knows the place like the back of his hand and a variety of unparalleled nightlife experiences await you in Washington DC. Now who says that the Capitol is boring?