Web 2.0’s


Looking at the world today, it’s amazing how technology has revolutionized a lot in the way we do things. Buying and marketing used to require physical presence in stores but today more people are embracing online buying as its very convenient. Marketers know this and that is why many have taken to the online platform. They have become aware that traditional marketing techniques cannot be replicated online and one needs to plan for strategies that suit the online world and digital needs of the company. For those looking to have a powerful online presence, here are online marketing strategies from some of the best marketing firms that will steer you in the right direction.

• First and perhaps the most important is content marketing as it will enable you to gain the trust of your customers who continually search for educative content. Ensure you provide valuable content for them as it keeps them coming back and also gives you a platform to interact with them. Put the content in newsletters, different blogs and websites, videos, social media etc. Make sure you are adding value to the lives of your customers and not just updating about your company events or pushing for sales.

• Have images of your products as well as other things that you deal with as this has proven to be very effective as consumers need something they can process quickly and move on to other things so great pictures capture their attention quickly compared to text which bores a lot of people. Images are shared more often than text posts so you need to incorporate this in your social media plan.

• Simplicity cannot be overemphasized, your messages should always be simple and straightforward you don’t want your customers struggling to crack whatever jargon or in-depth meanings as they will definitely leave. Your presentation should be neat and free of clutter as this helps customers navigate easily.

• Make your content available on different mobile devices as more people have smart phones and tablets and with the immediacy craze that has hit people, your content always need to be available whenever wherever. Note that the immediacy fever is not going anywhere in fact it will only get worse with time.

• Diversify on social media i.e. don’t rely on a few like Facebook and twitter as more platforms are coming up so branch out to the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ etc and encourage people to share your content as this will also help in SEO optimization.